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Cutting Glass with a Diamond Saw (All)
Glass Cutting:  Cold Working Glass:  Informational: 
Cutting Glass with a Diamond Saw Throughout glass history, workers have needed to saw pieces of glass cleanly. Using string and gritty mud-like slurry, ancient Egyptians and Greeks, for example, spent days accomplishing what the modern electric diamond saw does in seconds. ...

Sandblasting (All)
Cold Working Glass:  Informational: 
Sandblasting Here is the easiest, most modern way of decorating the surface of a piece of glass. A young child can sandblast competently! In the hands of a sophisticated artist, though, effects both subtle and dramatic are possible. ...

Grinding Glass (Beginner)
Cold Working Glass:  Informational: 
Grinding Glass Grinding is a process of removal by abrasion. People were grinding stone tools long before the discovery of glassmaking. ...

Practical Applications of Tension in Glass (Beginner)
Cold Working Glass:  Informational: 
Practical Applications of Tension in Glass "Annealed glass," "safety glass," "tempered glass"...Confused? Learn the differences through these Glassbreaking Demos. ...

Cameo Glass Blank (All)
Cold Working Glass:  Cameo Glass:  Informational: 
Cameo Glass Blank Some of the first glassblowers working in Italy—perhaps as early as 30 B.C.—made blanks for craftspeople accustomed to decorating hardstone objects. The glassblowing process required two contrasting glasses, usually blue and white. ...

Easily Sandblast Glass, Crystal, Rock and More with Micro Sandblasting. (Intermediate)
Cold Working Glass:  Informational:  Sand Blasting: 
Easily Sandblast Glass, Crystal, Rock and More with Micro Sandblasting.Dr. Lew takes you through the entire process of creating a crystal award for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. When the video starts, all Dr. Lew has done, is print out his black and white design onto clear transparency film from his computer or any copy machine. This same process can be completed on any glass, crystal, stone, tile, metal (and many more) item. Micro Sandblasting requires no artistic ability, is easy to learn, ...

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