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Master Class 7: Beadmaking with Kristina Logan (All)
Glass Beads:  Informational: 
Master Class 7: Beadmaking with Kristina Logan (excerpt) Kristina Logan is internationally recognized for her precisely patterned, delicate glass beads, which she combines with metalwork to create jewelry and functional objects. In the Master Class video, Logan demonstrates her process of beadmaking at the torch, finishing the glass by cold working, and incorporating her glass and silverwork into completed pieces of jewelry. Logan also discusses the history of glass beads and shares the philoso...

Prince Rupert's Drop (All)
Prince Rupert's Drop Don't try this at home! This classic demonstration involving exploding glass spectacularly shows both the great strength and vulnerability of glass that has been rapidly cooled from the molten state. ...

Life on a String: Beadmaking (All)
Glass Beads:  Informational: 
Life on a String: Beadmaking Beads can be wound, drawn, molded, or blown. There are many variations of these techniques. Explore glass beadmaking in Life on a String... ...

2005 Glass Masters Series Iwao Matsushima (Advanced)
Core Forming:  Informational: 
Iwao Matsushima is a great master of Japanese glass art who has received international acclaim for his core-formed glass. He has reinvented the art of core-forming -- a process used by most of the world's glass makers more than 3,500 years ago, before the advent of glassblowing. Glassmakers would shape the body of a vessel around a core, wind colored trails around it, and add handles and a rim. After the vessel cooled, the core would be removed. He was inspired by a few small ancient Egyptian...

Encasing Digest (Intermediate)
Glass Beads:  Informational: 
An extensive digest on ways of encasing a bead on Wet Canvas site. This is a long compendium of posts on encasing. included are quite a few posts on this subject because it's a technique that causes many people an enormous amount of trouble and aggravation. Jkittels Best way to encase, (I think) is to heat the rod until you have a very large gather of clear in a blob at the end of the rod....(I do this prior to making any beads!)..Then squish it so that you have a flat disc at the end of you...

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