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Paperweight Techniques and Inclusions (Advanced)
Tutorial:  Paperweight: 
Watch as Victor Trabucco demonstrates for his class, Paperweight Techniques and Inclusions, showing them how to create flowers and fruit with soft glass, using overlay rods and colored enamels to make three-dimensional designs that will be encased in clear glass. Victor Trabucco's work is often inspired by nature, capturing the beauty and motion of the subject and freezing a moment in time....

Lampwork sculpture for encasement (Advanced)
Glass Sculpture:  Paperweight: 
Creating a lampworked floral sculpture to be encased to be a paperweight. ...

Paul Stankard Glass at the Akron Art Museum (All)
This documentary captures the essence of Stankard's intricate glass art objects and features discussion with him about artistry. It also includes a visit to the Akron Art Museum to view the world's largest public collection of Stankard's work. ...

Chris Buzzini's floral art glass (All)
Without question, Chris Buzzini's, floral, art glass paperweights are among the finest ever produced. Stunning, art glass paperweights for the serious Art Glass collector. Extremely detailed, meticulously crafted, colored glass flowers encapsulated in brilliant, optical quality crystal. Fine, delicate, floral, art glass paperweights that are destined to become tomorrow's treasures. Be sure to click on the OPB Video link above images to view Chris at work. ...

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