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Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Pearlescent Lusters:  Tutorial: 
Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing My start with the lusters: Being related to Louis Comfort Tiffany, I have carefully studied his interests and tried to compare them to my own at the time I started blowing glass (1987). As I saw it, there are many similarities, but there was one area that I thought that I would not want to touch: metallic lusters. Tiffany was fascinated by the effects of various metal salts sprayed on the surface of the hot glass creating a cloud of toxic fumes whic...

Kiln-formed Cylinders to Blow Out (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
Mark Hall, Owner of Hallmark Art Glass in Kasota, Minnesota, has devised a new method to pick up kiln-formed glass and bring it to the glory hole. It's a modification of the roll-up technique, making thick-walled solid colored glass cylinders made to pick up warm on a collared blow pipe and blown into vessels. We believe this new approach will withstand scrutiny and provide another avenue for exploration and creativity.   Mark believes, and I agree, that this cylinde...

Making Iridized Glass Using stannous chloride fumes (Highly Toxic) (Advanced)
Glass Blowing:  Iridized Glass:  Informational: 
Making Iridized Glass Using stannous chloride fumes (Highly Toxic) This technique adds an iridized surface to glass similar to that used by Tiffany.Iridizing is normally used on glass blown art work. This technique is highly dangerous and should only be used with an understanding of the correct safety measures ...

Master Class 5: Flameworking with Cesare Toffolo (All)
Glass Blowing:  Informational: 
Master Class 5: Flameworking with Cesare Toffolo In this video, Cesare Toffolo makes both a simple footed bowl and an intricate historical goblet. He hosts a brief tour of flameworked objects in the collection of The Corning Museum of Glass, and he shares his philosophy of teaching, learning, and creating. Cesare Toffolo is considered to be the world's finest technical flameworker. ...

Flask with Mold (All)
Glass Blowing:  Informational: 
Flask with Mold Glass blowing into a mold. Listen as curator Jane Shadel Spillman describes Flask with Mold produced by Stebbins and Stebbins. The manufacture and decoration of hand-blown tableware was a slow and costly process. Glassmakers soon sought ways to speed production and to decorate their wares more inexpensively. One way to do this was to blow the glass into a mold, which shaped the glass and decorated the surface in one operation. ...

Murrine Use (All)
Glass Slumping:  Glass Blowing:  Murrine:  Informational: 
Murrine Use Once murrine canes are cut into thin slices, they can be fused and slumped, flameworked, or blown. Here, murrine canes are used in demonstrations of a Roman-period process and a Renaissance Venetian process. ...

Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell (All)
Mold Making:  Glass Blowing:  Glass Casting:  Glass Sculpture:  Informational: 
Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell Swedish artist Ingalena Klenell has been working with glass since 1976. Her work explores the ideas of fragility and vulnerability, both in the material of glass and in life itself. Klenell sees glass as a way of investigating the limits of techniques and of her own skill and creativity, and of creating ways to transcend those limits. She uses several different techniques to create primarily sculptural works. ...

Using Copper Tubing to Blow Glass (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Informational: 
About 15 years ago, I developed a highly effective technique for successfully working glass on copper tubing. I had been looking for a way to add glass to my bed frame, and wondered if I could somehow put glass on metal. Since the coefficient of expansion of copper is 80% higher than that of glass, it appeared unlikely that it would be possible to “fit” glass and copper tubing. Through beginner’s naïveté, I was able to solve the problem (see Figure 2). I have been using this technique extensivel...

Roman Mold-Blown Glass Roman Mold-Blown Glass (All)
Glass Blowing:  Informational: 
Watch glassmakers recreate ancient Roman glass objects by mold-blowing. This video was filmed in 2014 at the Roman-style wood-fired furnace in Villa Borg, Germany. ...

Flameworking for Everybody (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Tutorial:  Glass Sculpture: 
Watch as Emilio Santini demonstrates for his class, Flameworking for Everybody, which will focus on various sculpting and glassblowing techniques using borosilicate and soft glass. ...

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