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Pate de Verre Higuchi Notes (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Glass Frit:  Tutorial: 
Notes on tutorial given by world famous Japanese pate de verre artists Kimiake & Shin-ichi Higuchi at the Corning 2009. This tutorial on Pate de Verre gives a complete breakdown on their method of creating this beautiful glass art, from making of sample pallets to the finished pate de verre piece. Includes full firing schedules for pate de verre samples as well as full lesson piece. Lesson contains full details of list of materials and method of creating molds...

Crackle Technique (Beginner)
Glass Frit:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
The crackle technique gives glass an intentionally irregular and fractured appearance of crackle glass. Usually to achieve this process glass needs to be plunged into cold water and then reheated. It would involve using a sensitive touch and heating just enough to retain the cracks. Another way is to roll hot glass in a bed of crushed glass and the effect remains on the outside while the inside of the glass is still smooth. This method would also involve a lot of steps and handl...

Artist-in-Residence: Anna Mlasowsky (All)
Glass Painting:  Glass Frit:  Informational: 
Artist-in-Residence: Anna Mlasowsky Growing up, German artist Anna Mlasowsky wanted to be an archeologist. Instead, she focused her curiosity on studying the traditions and habits of glassmaking. "The way we evaluate a material and use its properties is defined by preconceived opinions and boundaries set by traditions," says Mlasowsky. Her work seeks to challenge preformed behaviors and "raise questions about reality and projection."...

How to Make Fused Glass Frit Plates (Beginner)
Glass Slumping:  Glass Frit:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
How to Make Fused Glass Frit Plates Learn how to make fused glass frit plates. Step by step instructions on how to achieve various effects, using different types of glass frit, rods, stringers, and even glass confetti. ...

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