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Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Pearlescent Lusters:  Tutorial: 
Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing My start with the lusters: Being related to Louis Comfort Tiffany, I have carefully studied his interests and tried to compare them to my own at the time I started blowing glass (1987). As I saw it, there are many similarities, but there was one area that I thought that I would not want to touch: metallic lusters. Tiffany was fascinated by the effects of various metal salts sprayed on the surface of the hot glass creating a cloud of toxic fumes whic...

Kiln-formed Cylinders to Blow Out (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
Mark Hall, Owner of Hallmark Art Glass in Kasota, Minnesota, has devised a new method to pick up kiln-formed glass and bring it to the glory hole. It's a modification of the roll-up technique, making thick-walled solid colored glass cylinders made to pick up warm on a collared blow pipe and blown into vessels. We believe this new approach will withstand scrutiny and provide another avenue for exploration and creativity.   Mark believes, and I agree, that this cylinde...

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