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Strip Cut Construction Techniques for Kilnformed Glass (Advanced)
Glass Cutting:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Kiln Formed Glass: 
The Process In strip-cut construction of a fused glass piece, strips of glass are cut from sheets of glass, and assembled on edge, rather than laid flat. This technique not only lends itself to designs with geometric and linear components, but also produces an almost bubble-free final piece. The process begins by determining the size and shape of the project to be created, and then drawing the outline of the project on a piece of Thinfire« paper. This refractory paper performs a dual...

Float Casting (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Kiln Formed Glass:  Kiln Casting: 
Frame Assembly: Cut out 2" wide strips of ┬Ż" or 1" wide fibreboard to make a box the desired size, ie, 4 strips 9" long. Nail together with plain 2_ common finishing nails, 2 per side. Pre fire to 25 degrees higher than the hottest temperature you will reaching with this technique. This burns off the binders in the fibreboard. Mold Prep: Remove your kiln shelf from your kiln and place on a table, with 2 edges just off the table, to make picking it up after easier. Lay the fra...

Master Class 6: Kiln Formed Glass with Rudi Gritsch (Intermediate)
Pot Melt:  Glass Pattern Bar:  Kiln Formed Glass:  Glass Colour Bar:  Wire Melt: 
Master Class 6: Kiln Formed Glass with Rudi Gritsch Rudy Gritsch, the Austrian kiln forming artist and instructor takes viewers through many of his processes involving the kiln. We follow Gritsch as he takes his work from the initial phases of design through the detailed setups, firings, and finishing processes, to completed works of art. ...

Amanda Simmons works in kiln-formed and cameo engraved glass (All)
Kiln Formed Glass:  Cameo Glass:  Informational: 
Amanda Simmons works in kiln-formed and cameo engraved glass, inspired by the glass artists of America. ...

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