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Pate de Verre Higuchi Notes (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Glass Frit:  Tutorial: 
Notes on tutorial given by world famous Japanese pate de verre artists Kimiake & Shin-ichi Higuchi at the Corning 2009. This tutorial on Pate de Verre gives a complete breakdown on their method of creating this beautiful glass art, from making of sample pallets to the finished pate de verre piece. Includes full firing schedules for pate de verre samples as well as full lesson piece. Lesson contains full details of list of materials and method of creating molds...

Mold Making (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Tutorial: 
The following useful guide to ceramic mold making is being reprinted with the permission of its author, Anthony D. Bulone, a renowned sculptor, designer, model maker and master mold maker for more than 35 years. Anthony of Solvang, as he is known, has excelled in most areas of the plastic and ceramic fields. His most notable accomplishments are the designing, sculpting and developing the model of the original Bar...

Mold Making for Glass Art (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Tutorial: 
Choosing a Prototype Making molds for your own use or for reproduction is fairly easy to do and very satisfying. Making your own molds frees you from relying on molds made by others and allows you to tailor your mold for your own taste. Using found objects to copy and transform into glass is fun and enables you to produce some pretty unique pieces. If you are one of the lucky people to be gifted with an artistic talent beyond drawing straight lines, and you are able to do some c...

Pate de Verre Basket Bowls (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Tutorial: 
Birds in Flight was made with a pate de verre process using fine glass frit to make cast glass pieces.  I learned this process from Alicia Lomne.  Visit her website to see some amazing work using this process: This bowl is inspired by coiled native american baskets.  Birds In Flight is a native american pattern that I adapted to this glass casting process.  The alternation of the orientation of a triangle seemed like such a simple pattern but I needed to dust off my geometry to ge...

Pate de Verre Lost Wax Technique (Advanced)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Tutorial:  Lost Wax Casting: 
Pate de verre, the technique of pressing glass powders or frits into a mold, is a detailed and difficult form of kiln casting. However, it is the use of these fine frits that give pate de verre its distinctive luster and allows for specific placement of colors in the mold. Pate de verre utilizes the 'lost wax' casting method that other art objects are made of, from bronze sculpture to gold and silver jewelry. Each piece starts with a wax model. The model can be an original carving ...

BOX CASTING (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial: 
This TipSheet will introduce you to ways to create a reverse relief cast glass object with the optical clarity of a furnace casting, using plaster silica design elements in an open face mold assembled from vermiculite board and other refractory materials. Where Are You Going: The Finished Piece The end result will be a solid block of glass with relief imagery in the back of the piece that when viewed through the flat front creates a nearly holographic image. The top surface of the piece will b...

Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Lost Wax Casting: 
The following is a low tech, backyard casting sequence from a small sculpture studio nestled in isolated, bush clad hills of New Zealand’s Northland. The quality of a wax casting is purely a personal criteria. Here particular attention was focused on the master before the rubber mold was made. Any unwanted blemish on the master would be also on the subsequent wax castings and require unnecessary time in the cleaning up before plaster molding. Or if not dealt to in the wax stage then eventually...

Large box casting of window in St Riom (Advanced)
Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Informational: 
Large box casting of window in St Riom Full details of creation of cast glass window Shows creation of the mold making, pouring of the plaster, Casting glass and the installation of the finished product. ...

Eggshell Thin Pâte de Verre with Shin-ichi Higuchi (All)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Informational: 
Eggshell Thin Pâte de Verre with Shin-ichi Higuchi Shin-ichi Higuchi takes us through the process of his creation of eggshell thin pate de verre. A clay model is made over which plaster is placed. The clay is then removed from the mold and this becomes the mold into which fine glass frit is pressed before firing in a kiln. The mold is a one use only as it is destroyed to reveal the finished pate de verre art work. ...

Mold Making Tutorial: How To Make a 2 Piece Silicone Rubber Mold (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Tutorial: 
Mold Making Tutorial: How To Make a 2 Piece Silicone Rubber Mold One half of mold is embedded in clay. The first half of the mold is poured and allowed to fully cure The mold is turned over and the clay is removed. The mold is allowed to fully cure prior to demolding.... ...

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