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Pate de Verre Higuchi Notes (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Mold Making:  Glass Frit:  Tutorial: 
Notes on tutorial given by world famous Japanese pate de verre artists Kimiake & Shin-ichi Higuchi at the Corning 2009. This tutorial on Pate de Verre gives a complete breakdown on their method of creating this beautiful glass art, from making of sample pallets to the finished pate de verre piece. Includes full firing schedules for pate de verre samples as well as full lesson piece. Lesson contains full details of list of materials and method of creating molds...

Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing (Intermediate)
Glass Blowing:  Pearlescent Lusters:  Tutorial: 
Pearlescent Lusters in Glassblowing My start with the lusters: Being related to Louis Comfort Tiffany, I have carefully studied his interests and tried to compare them to my own at the time I started blowing glass (1987). As I saw it, there are many similarities, but there was one area that I thought that I would not want to touch: metallic lusters. Tiffany was fascinated by the effects of various metal salts sprayed on the surface of the hot glass creating a cloud of toxic fumes whic...

Pelican Beach Fused Glass Decal Pendant (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Glass Decals:  Dichroic Glass: 
Welcome to our first monthly fused glass jewelry tutorial! Each month, I will share a new design using our fusible glass decals. I love to teach and share my designs with fellow glass enthusiasts. This is why I came up with all these snazzy, glass fusing decals for your pieces! I spend a lot of time actually designing individual pieces, rather than making slabs and producing large batches. I have a sketch book with hundreds of designs and with the constant new development of fusing...

Aperture Pour (Pot Melt) (Intermediate)
Tutorial:  Pot Melt: 
2005 Circular from Glass Graftsman magazine. Overview The basic process is very simple: fill the pot (crucible) with compatible glass and then position it in a kiln so that when the glass melts it will stream out of the hole in the bottom of the pot and land on a well-prepared kiln shelf.Heat the glass to about 1650F (880C),let gravity work,then anneal and cool the resulting disk of glass. Pot Melts can be done in any size kiln. Article goes on to fully explain how to set up for Pot Melts, a...

Creative Glass Casting (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Glass Mold Making: 
Pâte de Verre is an ancient glass casting technique used to create solid objects that are very luminous due to the way they reflect light. This technique was practiced by the ancient Egyptians to produce beautiful amulets and gems. It was rediscovered and went through a revival period during the 1800's. Beautiful examples of that period are seen throughout the world. "Pate de Verre" which literally means "Glass Paste" was made using fine particles of glass in a paste form to produce the cas...

Warm Glass Renaissance using glass kilns (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Glass Tacking: 
Contemporary glass art is reviving an ancient glass medium.Warm glass, which is commonly known as glass fusing or slumping, is an ancient artistic technique. Historians have found traces of both methods dating back to the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia. Glass mosaics, valued in Greek and Romans civilizations, were considered equal to silver and gold as precious materials. By the third century AD warm glass fell out of favor, eclipsed by a new blown glass technique. It was not until the emer...

Aperture Pour 2 (Pot Melt) (Intermediate)
Tutorial:  Pot Melt: 
This is a look at advanced aperture (pot melt) pour techniques and it explores the ways to take the technique a few steps further by changing the appearance of the melted glass disk that results from a aperture (pot melt) pour by manipulating the flow of the glass as it leaves the pot. This can be done by changing or introducing just a few factors, which will be discussed in this article. Article is from Glass Craftsman (

Steve Immerman Pot Melts (Intermediate)
Tutorial:  Pot Melt: 
An aperture pour (or pot melt, pot drop, or shelf melt) is a method to create an organic, swirly, interesting mixture of glasses using a kiln. The basic idea is to fill a flower pot with a mixture of glasses, and heat it very hot so that the molten glass has a low enough viscosity to pour through the hole (or aperture) in the bottom of the pot. The glass can be allowed to flow onto a prepared shelf, into a mold, or into an enclosure of some kind. The pot can have a single hole, a rec...

Introduction to Pattern Bars (Intermediate)
Tutorial:  Glass Pattern Bar: 
Kilnformers are always looking for ways to create new and exciting design elements to incorporate in their pieces. One of the most commonly used design elements is a section of glass with an embedded pattern – created with a pattern bar. This article will discuss ways to make and use pattern bars in kilnformed glass work. In order to create a pattern bar you will need a kiln, dams, fiber paper, and fusible glass. In order to use the pattern bar you will need a tile saw with a lapidary blade...

Strip Cut Construction Techniques for Kilnformed Glass (Advanced)
Glass Cutting:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Kiln Formed Glass: 
The Process In strip-cut construction of a fused glass piece, strips of glass are cut from sheets of glass, and assembled on edge, rather than laid flat. This technique not only lends itself to designs with geometric and linear components, but also produces an almost bubble-free final piece. The process begins by determining the size and shape of the project to be created, and then drawing the outline of the project on a piece of Thinfire® paper. This refractory paper performs a dual...

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