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Creative Glass Casting (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Glass Mold Making: 
Pâte de Verre is an ancient glass casting technique used to create solid objects that are very luminous due to the way they reflect light. This technique was practiced by the ancient Egyptians to produce beautiful amulets and gems. It was rediscovered and went through a revival period during the 1800's. Beautiful examples of that period are seen throughout the world. "Pate de Verre" which literally means "Glass Paste" was made using fine particles of glass in a paste form to produce the cas...

BOX CASTING (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial: 
This TipSheet will introduce you to ways to create a reverse relief cast glass object with the optical clarity of a furnace casting, using plaster silica design elements in an open face mold assembled from vermiculite board and other refractory materials. Where Are You Going: The Finished Piece The end result will be a solid block of glass with relief imagery in the back of the piece that when viewed through the flat front creates a nearly holographic image. The top surface of the piece will b...

Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Lost Wax Casting: 
The following is a low tech, backyard casting sequence from a small sculpture studio nestled in isolated, bush clad hills of New Zealand’s Northland. The quality of a wax casting is purely a personal criteria. Here particular attention was focused on the master before the rubber mold was made. Any unwanted blemish on the master would be also on the subsequent wax castings and require unnecessary time in the cleaning up before plaster molding. Or if not dealt to in the wax stage then eventually...

Daum (les frères) Glass Casting (All)
Pate de Verre:  Glass Casting:  Informational: 
Daum (les frères) Examples of fine glass castings From the world famous Daum company in France ranging from old world charm pate de verre to modern master pieces in cast glass. ...

Large box casting of window in St Riom (Advanced)
Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Informational: 
Large box casting of window in St Riom Full details of creation of cast glass window Shows creation of the mold making, pouring of the plaster, Casting glass and the installation of the finished product. ...

Karen Lise Krabbe, glass casting in sand (All)
Glass Casting:  Sand Casting:  Informational: 
Karen Lise Krabbe, glass casting in sand Karen creates a desert rose like sculptured glass casting ...

Artist in Residence: Eliza Au (April 2010) (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Lost Wax Casting: 
Artist in Residence: Eliza Au (April 2010) Firstly Eliza makes a plaster model and makes a 2 part mold out of it. Then the plaster mold is soaked, wax is then poured into it, mold is then invested in a plaster silica mix... ...

Chunk Casting (All)
Glass Casting: 
Chunk Casting Chunks of glass are placed in a mold, then heated in a kiln until the glass softens and flows downward to gradually fill the mold. Popular with contemporary artists, this method avoids the need for a giant melting furnace filled with molten glass. ...

Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell (All)
Mold Making:  Glass Blowing:  Glass Casting:  Glass Sculpture:  Informational: 
Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell Swedish artist Ingalena Klenell has been working with glass since 1976. Her work explores the ideas of fragility and vulnerability, both in the material of glass and in life itself. Klenell sees glass as a way of investigating the limits of techniques and of her own skill and creativity, and of creating ways to transcend those limits. She uses several different techniques to create primarily sculptural works. ...

Master Class 9: Casting Glass With Daniel Clayman (Advanced)
Glass Slumping:  Glass Casting: 
Master Class 9: Casting Glass With Daniel Clayman (Trailer) Daniel Clayman creates large-scale, cast-glass minimalist sculptures that evoke familiar objects and capture space and volume, transforming intangible light and shadow into the tangible. In this DVD, Clayman takes viewers through the process of kiln casting with glass, including creating the positive model, making the mold, kiln firing, and finishing. He discusses his work, his personal development as a sculptor, and his efforts in tea...

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