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Making a Simple Glass Fused Pendant (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Glass Jewellery: 
Small glass fusing projects allow you to be creative without learning the technicalities of glass fusing. This project took me eight minutes to cut and assemble. Firing and cooling time is as fast as your kiln will go. After firing, the pendant is done. You do not need to glue a jewelry finding to the back, because the design includes a channel that is fused into the glass where you can string a cord. Use glass that is rated fusing compatible. 1) Cut 2 pieces of 3/4" x ...

Freeze and Fuse Pate-de-Verre Technique. (Beginner)
Pate de Verre:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
In a clean container, pour some distilled water and ADD the powder to the water. This way, bubbles are released as the dry powder hits the surface of the water. DO NOT start by adding the water to the powder. The amount of water will depend on how much volume of wet powder you need.  I find using a spoon to put the powder in the water works better than dumping it in from the bottle, which creates extra glass dust. You want the powder to be soaked but not liquid. 2)  ...

Glass Powder Line Medium (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Dichroic Glass: 
Powder Line Medium (PLM) is the generic name for a material that compares with the commercial product "Liquid Stringer". This recipe shows how to make your own PLM for a fraction of the price of the commercial version. HOW TO USE: Mix the PLM with glass powder in a squeeze bottle. Squeeze to apply onto sheet glass. Exact ratios of powder to PLM will vary due to the inconsistent nature of CMC, the variety of powder particle sizes and more. More powder and/or PLM can always be added to...

Scrap Glass Project (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
Fused glass allows us to take the trimmings from one project and melt them together into new work. To prepare for the first fusing, break up the scrap glass into pieces that are no more than about 3 wide. As always with fused glass, clean the pieces well to avoid devitrification (surface crud) during fusing. Place the fiber paper on the kiln shelf... The fiber paper is important as it will allow air to escape as the glass melts together. Take note of the fiber strips that line the inward fac...

Stack Firing for Imbedded Imagery (Intermediate)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
This TipSheet will introduce you to ways to float imagery and color within thick blocks of clear glass. Historically, thick glass castings have resulted from pours of furnace glass or by kiln-casting glass chunks or frit. The method we call “stack firing” results, instead, from the fusing of multiple layers of clear sheet glass on which are imbedded lines and fields of colored glass. This method is direct, simple, and allows greater control of line quality than is achievable wi...

Glass Slumping:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
Weaving strips are slumped at temperatures that cause kiln wash to deteriorate. You should apply a fresh coat after each firing. After slumping the mold strips, set them out alternating one up and one down and insert the cross strips through each slumped strip. If you didn’t get a full depth slump, you may have to cut the cross strips slightly undersized....

Fusing and Slumping (Beginner)
Glass Slumping:  Glass Fusing:  Informational: 
Fusing and Slumping Popular among glass artists today, as it was in the golden age of Greece and the Roman Empire, this technique softens and shapes glass in a kiln. Various preparatory steps are shown in the making of a contemporary sculpture. ...

Glass Fusing Techniques (Intermediate)
Glass Fusing:  Informational: 
Glass Fusing Techniques Scenes are created between 2 pieces of upright pieces of clear glass ...

How to Make Fused Glass Frit Plates (Beginner)
Glass Slumping:  Glass Frit:  Tutorial:  Glass Fusing: 
How to Make Fused Glass Frit Plates Learn how to make fused glass frit plates. Step by step instructions on how to achieve various effects, using different types of glass frit, rods, stringers, and even glass confetti. ...

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