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Creative Glass Casting (Intermediate)
Pate de Verre:  Glass Casting:  Tutorial:  Glass Mold Making: 
Pāte de Verre is an ancient glass casting technique used to create solid objects that are very luminous due to the way they reflect light. This technique was practiced by the ancient Egyptians to produce beautiful amulets and gems. It was rediscovered and went through a revival period during the 1800's. Beautiful examples of that period are seen throughout the world. "Pate de Verre" which literally means "Glass Paste" was made using fine particles of glass in a paste form to produce the cas...

A down and dirty 2 part mold by John Britt (Intermediate)
Mold Making:  Tutorial:  Glass Mold Making: 
A down and dirty 2 part mold by John Britt Apply this mold making technique for making glass casting or pate de verre molds from found items. ...

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