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Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell (All)
Mold Making:  Glass Blowing:  Glass Casting:  Glass Sculpture:  Informational: 
Artist-in-Residence: Ingalena Klenell Swedish artist Ingalena Klenell has been working with glass since 1976. Her work explores the ideas of fragility and vulnerability, both in the material of glass and in life itself. Klenell sees glass as a way of investigating the limits of techniques and of her own skill and creativity, and of creating ways to transcend those limits. She uses several different techniques to create primarily sculptural works. ...

Artist-in-Residence: Anna Mlasowsky (All)
Glass Painting:  Glass Frit:  Informational: 
Artist-in-Residence: Anna Mlasowsky Growing up, German artist Anna Mlasowsky wanted to be an archeologist. Instead, she focused her curiosity on studying the traditions and habits of glassmaking. "The way we evaluate a material and use its properties is defined by preconceived opinions and boundaries set by traditions," says Mlasowsky. Her work seeks to challenge preformed behaviors and "raise questions about reality and projection."...

Glass Fusing Techniques (Intermediate)
Glass Fusing:  Informational: 
Glass Fusing Techniques Scenes are created between 2 pieces of upright pieces of clear glass ...

How Bruno Romanelli created a new piece called Titan (Advanced)
Glass Casting:  Informational: 
How Bruno Romanelli created a new piece called Titan. The film illustrates the many processes involved in the making of a complex glass casting. ...

Toots Zynsky's distinctive filet de verre (glass thread) vessels (Advanced)
Glass Thread:  Informational: 
Toots Zynsky's distinctive filet de verre (glass thread) vessels enjoy a widespread popularity and deserved acclaim for their often extraordinary, and always unique, explorations in color. Defying categorization, her pieces inhabit a region all their own, interweaving the traditions of painting, sculpture ...

Devitrification (All)
What does devitrification mean? Devitrification, commonly called ‘devit’, is a gradual process wherein the disordered silica particles combine to reform into their preferred crystalline structure. It occurs as a result of prolonged heating at elevated temperatures. It can be regarded as a two step process: Nucleation, followed by Crystal growth. Nucleation is the process of forming nuclei: wherein small numbers of atoms link together to create a site around which crystals wi...

Pot Drop Calculator (All)
Pot Melt:  Informational: 
Pot Drop Calculator How to use this calculator Size This calculator assumes your pot drop will be a circle. You can specify the target size by diameter (distance across the middle of the circle) or by circumference (distance around the circle). Thickness Most glass will usually try to be about 5 mm thick when left to its own under full fuse temperatures. Thicker pieces can be achieved by damming the glass. Weight Probably the most useful scenario for this tool is...

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