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Float Casting (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Kiln Formed Glass:  Kiln Casting: 
Frame Assembly: Cut out 2" wide strips of ½" or 1" wide fibreboard to make a box the desired size, ie, 4 strips 9" long. Nail together with plain 2_ common finishing nails, 2 per side. Pre fire to 25 degrees higher than the hottest temperature you will reaching with this technique. This burns off the binders in the fibreboard. Mold Prep: Remove your kiln shelf from your kiln and place on a table, with 2 edges just off the table, to make picking it up after easier. Lay the fra...

GlassCasting with Fusing Slumping Powder 2 (Beginner)
Tutorial:  Glass Fusing:  Kiln Casting: 
Powder Mixture: 1 Part Alumina Hydrate 1 Part Kaolin 1/2 Part Silica Powder (150-200 Mesh) Mix above ingredients in a sealed container ( 5 gallon bucket with lid). You must wear an appropriate respirator while handling these powdered chemicals. The dust is very harmful to your lungs. Make sure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Rolling a 3/4 filled bucket on the ground for 10 minutes should be good enough. You have to flip it over often to be sure the contents do not simply slid...

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