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Company Policy
  • At Glass of Choice we value your return business.

  • We treat all our customers with the same respect whether large or small.

  • You are the success to our business

  • With these points in mind we will make every endeavor to make our dealings together as pleasant and courteous as possible.

    Stock Availability
    Every effort is made to remove unavailable stock items from advertising and if we have inadvertently not done so then we will offer a similar item to you at or below the out of stock item price.

    All prices are subject to change at any given time but we will not enforce the order or be enforced by any order whose item prices have changed.

    Email Addresses and Personal Details
    At Glass of Choice we respect your privacy.
    We do not give any email addresses supplied, to any third party who is not part of our business structure. This also applies to any other personal details given to us by you.

    Online Sales Policy


    Sample Product

    New Effetre Murano Glass Products


    Inspirational quality glass rods from Effetre of Murano,Venice Italy.

    New Millefiori From Effetre Murano


    Truely magical millefiori from the master craftsmen in Murano Italy. Keep it simple with just a few of these added to your beads to make a statement.

    New Zanfrico, Reticello and Filigrana From Effetre Murano


    Zanfricio, reticello and filigrana add a touch of class to your next project.

    Shop To Save On Art Glass From Effetre/Moretti

    Here at "Glass of Choice" you get the "Best Value For Money".

    Our glass is sourced by us directly from the manufacturer Effetre/Moretti and presented to you at the lowest possible prices. Effetre/Moretti glass is the choice of glass for kiln and lampwork.

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