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On Line Shopping Policy
Prices marked on this site are gst inclusive prices
and as such carry a GST component.
The current GST rate is 10% on goods sold in Australia.
Overseas buyers are not charged this rate on purchases ordered and shipped overseas.
Please read Company Policy, also more information may be found here

If your purchase is not what you expected it to be then we will give you a credit on the goods you wish to return on the following conditions.
  • 1: You return the unwanted goods within 7 days of taking delivery of same.
  • 2: Goods are returned in an unused state and in original quantity and packaging (sorry we do not refund otherwise).
  • 3: You obtain a return of goods authorization before returning unwanted goods.
  • 4: You pay the cost of returning the goods.
  • 5: You return the goods at your risk so please cover your self for lose.
  • 6: We will notify you of receipt and acceptance of the returned goods and then we will apply the credit to your next purchase.

Current Collection
Where stated the origin of goods are as stated, for example
Murano glass or Effetre/Moretti glass are goods made in and originating
from Murano Venice Italy and are not imitations.
Handmade means made by hand and are not mass produced by machinery.

Where sizes and quantities are stated, whilst we attempt to be as accurate as possible they represent an approximate size and quantity only.

Bulk Purchases
Bulk prices are available to manufactures,retailers and serious glassies who can demonstrate their need for bulk purchases.
Prices are available on application(No site price list is available.)

Web Site
The Sample range is continually being changed so please visit again.

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Sample Product

New Effetre Murano Glass Products


Inspirational quality glass rods from Effetre of Murano,Venice Italy.

New Millefiori From Effetre Murano


Truely magical millefiori from the master craftsmen in Murano Italy. Keep it simple with just a few of these added to your beads to make a statement.

New Zanfrico, Reticello and Filigrana From Effetre Murano


Zanfricio, reticello and filigrana add a touch of class to your next project.

Shop To Save On Art Glass From Effetre/Moretti

Here at "Glass of Choice" you get the "Best Value For Money".

Our glass is sourced by us directly from the manufacturer Effetre/Moretti and presented to you at the lowest possible prices. Effetre/Moretti glass is the choice of glass for kiln and lampwork.

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