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Mould making and Glass Casting Methods

Clay Model
When making an object it must first be decided if the model would be best made in clay or wax. For clay, only a form which allows the clay to be easily removed from the mould should be used. Suitable forms are usually broad based. thick walled and have no undercuts.

David uses clay to make the frames from which his 'heads! (modelled in wax) emerge. He casts the frame first in glass and then models the wax to fit into the space.
For the purpose of this report I will use a clay form made by one of the students. which David used to demonstrate the mould making process. This form was a thick walled shallow bowl. (Also refer to the section entitled "Displacement method").
David works on wooden board and before beginning dampens the board so that the clay sticks and is prevented from drying and lifting.

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