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Warm Glass Renaissance using glass kilns

Contemporary glass art is reviving an ancient glass medium.Warm glass, which is commonly known as glass fusing or slumping, is an ancient artistic technique. Historians have found traces of both methods dating back to the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia. Glass mosaics, valued in Greek and Romans civilizations, were considered equal to silver and gold as precious materials. By the third century AD warm glass fell out of favor, eclipsed by a new blown glass technique. It was not until the emergence of the European Arts and Crafts movement, in the late nineteenth century, that warm glass was revalued as a decorative art form. Today, contemporary artisans have rediscovered these ancient techniques. Popularity of warm glass is being fueled by current trends in design and by the ease of modern kilns such as the AMACO/EXCEL Glass Select Models.

The following simple instructions for AMACO/EXCEL Warm Glass Kilns, along with an introductory project, will lead you through basic terms and materials associated with contemporary warm glass techniques.

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