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Cold Combing Hot Glass

Cold combing seems like an oxymoron when you are talking about a hot craft like glass fusing.

Combing is usually referred to a method where molten glass is maneuvered in a hot kiln.

What is this method and how is it accomplished?

How can you comb through cold hard glass?

There is something about the original technique that produces a more authentic appearance.

This process gives similar results without the risk of burns or accidents while pulling glass inside a hot kiln.

So if you are a little squeamish about sticking your hand in a hot kiln, give this method a try.

Combing glass when it is cold is a lot more comfortable than sticking your hand in a hot kiln...... What a cool idea!

This process that combines two normally contradictory terms can be accomplished using a couple of mediums like Aloe Vera gel or liquid stringer.

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