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Colour Bar Tutorial for Fusing and Casting Glass

#1. Stringer glass and sliced strips of glass are chosen for the colour palette.

#2. I have chosen to use Zircar Refractory comp. containment molds for my dams or walls of the cast pieces I will create. I kiln wash with Bullseye kiln wash and dry before placing on a clean newly primed kiln shelf that has also been dried in kiln.

#3. Here the molds are placed side by side ready to load with glass
#4. Cut the strips of glass in any colour configuration of your choosing. I like to pile certain colours in sections so I can have some control of the finished colour bar.
#5. You can totally control the colour flow and how the glass will move by letting the glass slide sideways and laying wide pieces over smaller cut pieces so the glass will flow around these colours. I try to get movement happening so everything is not straight.

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