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Patty Gray's Combing Instructions

Combing is an exciting process of manipulating hot glass in a kiln. Make sure you have all the proper equipment, clothing, glass, etc. arrange the glass strips vertically so that I can get really tight lines, lots of color/pattern.
These vertical strips are supported with two strips stacked flat on each end (this really is helpful when transporting the kiln shelf to the kiln).
Since kiln wash breaks down at high temperatures, I use ceramic fiber under the glass. If you want to do the combing directly onto kiln washed shelves I recommend using irid glass as a base (irid side down) which will release from the kiln wash.
I'm setting up the glass strips onto the kiln shelf.This very large kiln has 8 kiln shelves, for this demo I only used one shelf. 18" x 1/4" glass strips are cut and put directly onto ceramic fiber since this was a demo and we wanted the temperature to go up as quickly as possible to combing temperature: 1650f.

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