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Crackle Technique

The crackle technique gives glass an intentionally irregular and fractured appearance of crackle glass.

Usually to achieve this process glass needs to be plunged into cold water and then reheated.

It would involve using a sensitive touch and heating just enough to retain the cracks.

Another way is to roll hot glass in a bed of crushed glass and the effect remains on the outside while the inside of the glass is still smooth.

This method would also involve a lot of steps and handling the hot glass.

Not wanting to go through all that and still obtain the look, I did some research on the internet.

There is not a lot of information out there for obtain the look of crackle glass.

I had a friend who had done this process, but refused to share her knowledge with me.

So, I continued searching.

Recently another friend of mine, Alicyn was kind enough to share her process to achieve the look of crackle glass.

While continuing my research, I also found a couple of other ways to achieve this look.

The three ways discussed on this particular page will be the Fiber Paper Technique, the Confetti Technique and the Frit Technique.

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