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Glass Cutting The Tools

There are a large number of styles and types of cutters available on the market.It is best to get the feel of one before buying. You can try various styles out in classes, and usually shops will have examples for demonstration. 

The cutters above are inexpensive and that is the only advantage.  The one on the left with a turret of wheels is unsuitable, as the need to have a number of spare wheels might indicate.  It also is unsuitable as its design obscures the cutting line in use.  The cutter on the right is a traditional plain steel cutter with notches for grozing different thicknesses of glass.  It is better, but because of its large wheel, requires more pressure to create the score.

These cutters are examples of high quality oil filled cutters.  The choice between plastic and brass barrels is one of preference and often is related to the way in which you hold the cutter.  This picture illustrates the narrow and broad heads for cutters.  The broad head is most useful in cutting straight lines with a straight edge to rest beside.  The narrow head cutters are most useful in cutting curves from a cartoon or pattern

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