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Float Casting

Frame Assembly:

Cut out 2" wide strips of ½" or 1" wide fibreboard to make a box the desired size, ie, 4 strips 9" long. Nail together with plain 2_ common finishing nails, 2 per side. Pre fire to 25 degrees higher than the hottest temperature you will reaching with this technique. This burns off the binders in the fibreboard.

Mold Prep:

Remove your kiln shelf from your kiln and place on a table, with 2 edges just off the table, to make picking it up after easier. Lay the frame on your kiln shelf, no kiln wash or shelf paper is required.

Using a fine kitchen sifter, begin evenly sifting in Pottery Powder #1.

Continue until powder has filled the fibreboard frame.

Take a long piece of glass and level off the powder. Be as gentle as possible doing this. You do not want to compress the powder.

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