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GlassCasting with Fusing Slumping Powder 2

Powder Mixture:

  • 1 Part Alumina Hydrate
  • 1 Part Kaolin
  • 1/2 Part Silica Powder (150-200 Mesh)

Mix above ingredients in a sealed container ( 5 gallon bucket with lid). You must wear an appropriate respirator while handling these powdered chemicals. The dust is very harmful to your lungs. Make sure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Rolling a 3/4 filled bucket on the ground for 10 minutes should be good enough. You have to flip it over often to be sure the contents do not simply slide inside. A modified bucket with 2 or 3 pieces of 2x2 lumber screwed inside of the bucket would act as paddles and speed up the procedure considerably. The ingredients can be purchase in bulk from a store like Capital Pottery Supply.

To use the mixture you need to spread about 1 inch on your kiln shelf. While pouring and spreading the powder you must wear a respirator. A small cloud of dust wil rise from the shelf as you pour the product and spread it. Once it is spread out you can remove the respirator, just be careful not to make the stuff fly all over the place. Whenever the powder becomes airborn you must wear a respirator. You will be using various 'found' items to make impressions in the surface. You can use your hands, combs, plastic container bottoms, sticks, small balls, golf balls, cookie molds, metal or plastic grill material, anything that will leave a pattern in the powder. You should make yourself a sort of spreading device, such as a piece of wire bent in a zigzag fashion to allow you to spread the powder without creating a dust storm.

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