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Pate de Verre Basket Bowls

Birds in Flight was made with a pate de verre process using fine glass frit to make cast glass pieces.  I learned this process from Alicia Lomne.  Visit her website to see some amazing work using this process:

This bowl is inspired by coiled native american baskets.  Birds In Flight is a native american pattern that I adapted to this glass casting process.  The alternation of the orientation of a triangle seemed like such a simple pattern but I needed to dust off my geometry to get the triangles to fit the circumference of the bowl correctly. The last triangle in the circle needed to be pointing down to match the first triangle which was pointing up.  The Birds in Flight pattern has many variations, the more complicated the design, the more sophisticated the math. Native american women basket makers had to understand the concepts of geometry to weave these patterns.  Art loves math and math loves art.  Here is a google book reference if you would like to read more about native baskets and their patterns.  I especially liked this one because it features California native baskets: Illustrated History of Native American Baskets and Plates published in the early 1900's.

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