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Pate de Verre Lost Wax Technique

Pate de verre, the technique of pressing glass powders or frits into a mold, is a detailed and difficult form of kiln casting. However, it is the use of these fine frits that give pate de verre its distinctive luster and allows for specific placement of colors in the mold.

Pate de verre utilizes the 'lost wax' casting method that other art objects are made of, from bronze sculpture to gold and silver jewelry.

Each piece starts with a wax model. The model can be an original carving or a duplicate made from a reproduction mold that is poured around the original carving.

A model is an exact replica of the finished piece and every model starts with an idea. Once I have a picture in my mind, I gather my design elements.

The next step is to make molds and patterns from the various elements and then, wax reproductions.

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