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Freeze and Fuse Pate-de-Verre Technique.

In a clean container, pour some distilled water and ADD the powder to the water. This way, bubbles are released as the dry powder hits the surface of the water. DO NOT start by adding the water to the powder. The amount of water will depend on how much volume of wet powder you need.  I find using a spoon to put the powder in the water works better than dumping it in from the bottle, which creates extra glass dust. You want the powder to be soaked but not liquid.

2)  Pack the wet powder into the mold.
Again,I find that using a spoon to place the wet glass in the mold works better than just dumping it in the mold. (more on molds on the next page)
3)  Tap, tap, tap the mold.
Once the wet glass powder is in the mold, you need to tap the mold from all sides to get all the bubbles out. This will bring water to the surface, which can be blotted off with a paper towel.  Repeat the tapping and the blotting until the surface is dry, but not cracking.  You can tell when it’s dry because it will be a dull color. If there is a shine to it, there is still moisture there

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